Zombie Cammy and zombie Chun-Li are hot

Zombie Chun-Li and Zombie Cammy Street Fighter

We all know that zombies are this generation’s horror icon zeitgeist and it doesn’t look like they will be going away anytime soon. My favorite new thing to do is surf the interwebs looking for “zombified” versions of popular video game and comic book characters. Sometimes they turn out, um, oddly attractive.

I came across these pics by way of Destructiod (posted by Jordan Devore) and love every single one of the zombified Street Fighter cast (you can see them allĀ here). I just decided to post the Cammy and Chun-Li ones because, well, this is a video game babe blog and these sort of constitute “babe” pics. Keep in mind that these renderings were done for fun and don’t represent an actual game in development.

Zombie Cammy Street Fighter

I love how the artist still seemed to maintain Cammy’s sex-appeal even with all the lacerations and gore. Zombie Cammy still has one hell of an ass! Mmmmmmm…

Zombie Chun-Li Street-Fighter

I like the Chun-Li zombie version because it’s more creepy then sexy. I’m sure even in this state of decomposition she could still kick my ass.

Click here to see the rest of the Street Fighter cast zombified

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