Your Plot Device is Turning Me On

Your Plot Device is Turning Me On

We are all here because we find something incredibly sexy about fantasy. More specifically, video game characters.

We all have incredibly active imaginations – weather we realize it or not. Some of us create the art – some of us merely peruse it and let the lovely images ferment in our minds until…well…we all know what we do with the images.

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There has been a lot of talk lately about tropes in relation to TV shows, video games, and comics – anything where character creation is an issue. We even joke about it in roleplay circles. For those of you not following the actual definition of trope is, “a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression.” This word is often used more widely in an artistic sense to be interpreted to mean, “an often overused plot device.” It can also be described as another variation on the same theme. There are entire sites dedicated to the naming and tracking of tropes through various forms of media. Most of these sites admittedly focus on the negative aspects of this kind of writing and how it does bad things for readers and any number of other things. Certain feminist blogs have keyed in on the (over) use of certain tropes and why they are detrimental to women at large for a number of reasons.

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I’m not going to get up on my high horse here and preach because as a writer I can argue both sides of the coin. Tropes become that way for one reason – they are effective as plot devices. They WORK. As a female gamer I can admit to sometimes having a good eye roll or twelve while playing through some games, but overall – I don’t see the big conspiracy like some of my fellow writers and purveyors of geek culture do. It isn’t some massive plot to take the power away from anyone, or marginalize anyone. I’m not even convinced that is what is happening. I’m an avid reader and I can tell you that some of the tropes that people discuss and rip apart have existed in literature since man started writing down stories for his or her fellow man to follow.

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This post is not on the ethics of using such plot devices but more on WHY they seem to aid in creating characters that we just love to perv on. I will not be looking into specific tropes for this post – and may address it at a later date – I am just here to kind of dance with the elephant in the living room and talk about maybe why the use of some of these devices leads us to be a bit more open to fantasy. Of course because my brain is what it is…I go to these places and I am ever so glad that I do.

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Geeks, by and large, are some of the most open about their sexuality of any group that I have ever met – and more often than not in a healthy way. I tend to be a pretty sex positive woman – in that I (obviously) don’t have a problem with sexualized or sensualized images. In fact I rather enjoy them and tend to consume them whenever I can get away with it. All ethics aside, the imagery in video games and the thoughts about the imagery is some of the first stuff that I ever really (I’ll say it here) got off to. In fact I would and will go as far as to say that the themes in video games and comics are somewhat directly responsible for me acknowledging and expressing some of what became my fetishes.

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Seeing women in bindings, struggling, being held captive…saved. Honestly, that’s what made me realize I may be into bondage. In more than a few instances I have found myself wishing I were in the position of the damsel in distress, wondering what I would do when and if I were rescued. Even wondering what I would do if I weren’t. This goes back in video games all the way. Some of my favorite examples are the Zelda franchise…Mario, and it extends into modern games as well.

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I can’t help but think that this is deliberate in some cases on the part of the game developers. They want to create characters that we all empathize with – they want to draw us in. They (undoubtedly) catch a lot of flack for some of the ways they represent things. I’ve seen the same nerd rage that you all have, but, in the end, what is it that keeps us all coming back, and moreover, keeps us coming to places like this? For me? Sex is a lot about my imagination and I think that’s the same for a lot of us.

What are some of your favorite iconic women in games, why do you like them? Why do you fantasize about them? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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8 Responses to “Your Plot Device is Turning Me On”

  1. Kickthekitty says:

    More text please?
    Interesting subject but would need more initial talk to get conversation going.

    The trope of saving captured women is something I have given thought. Let’s think reverse. What else would you rather go to dungeon for? For gold? For new weapons? Or just a sake of killing? Compared to saving a girl, other immediate reasons seem pathetic, even despicably material.

    I feel myself it that hate towards tropes is result of misuse. I started to hate laughtrack in TV when it was repeatably used in background of unfunny jokes and people just hurting others. I started hating jumpscares when so called horror games and movies came out with them without real tension or atmosphere.
    Similarly has “damsel in distress” became curse word due it being used as a excuse to not have real plot or motivations when it should be used to define those instead. Woman characters are made sexy as a excuse to not have character depth when it should be there to add to the character.

    Anyway back to the subject.
    There were times when helping a woman in need was called chivalry, and it defined a gentleman. From this same well comes this effectiveness.
    So why is this trope considered to be bad thing or sexist? I suppose it IS sexist. The ‘no saving men in distress’ is obviously result of the ridiculous notion in our society, that men should always be able to take care of themselves.
    But when gaming trope is apparently proving that >>chivalry ain’t dead<< (at least not in gamers!), I don't see in negative light.

    As for iconic women I'm at loss what to say. Perhaps the rare moment took a look at the female player character in Xblades (A crappy b-game) where environment, her melancholic facial expression, and Portuguese voice acting, gave mixture I had to stare for 10 minutes.
    Or perhaps Robin in an indie alpha (in infinite hiatus) THE ICONOCLASTS.

    Those moments stuck with me as nothing else has challenged them. Perhaps due to me playing only on PC and not liking RPGs.

  2. Lexxx says:

    Hey. I appreciate the comment! I actually have more written up. I planned on doing a series – not a one shot. I have spent some time as a woman who embraces this culture thinking about Things from that paradigm. I also have to consider that this isnt exactly my target audience for a something that goes as in depth as I normally go on this subject.

    I have read both of those links already. I agree – I need more text and flesh to this…which is why I have about 5k more words and thinking about it a lot.

    The care you gave this response was something I feed off of creatively and as an intellectual. You make amazing points here and i’d love to discuss this at length sometime with you…if you are game.

  3. DevilSugar says:

    My favorite iconic women in video games… Without question, Samus Aran is one of my icons. She definitely represents triumphing over one’s circumstances for me. Even when she was hit by the X-Virus and had her entire physiology changed, she didn’t stop.

    I also still love Rayne as a character. Her talking about her childhood from Bloodrayne 2 still sticks with me. “Kagan didn’t just kill my mother. Or rape her. Or drive her insane. He killed everyone else in my family so that I wouldn’t have anyone to turn to but him. It wasn’t even cruelty, it was just his policy.” I will be a touch unsatisfied until a proper sequel that is the labor of love it needs to be comes along. I know, I hang my hopes high.

    And one can’t forget Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. She was a fresh sweetheart who really deserved more attention, but her game released during a busy Holiday season and was doomed to obscurity. Now Ubisoft is of course synonymous with douche incorporated, and keeps holding the sequel back with “Well, if this other property does well enough, then we’ll release it.” Screw those guys.

    Maybe I’m more into the woman who stands on her own than the savior trope. My own significant other is fiercely independent. Well, Lexxx, it looks like you’ve made me introspective again.

  4. Lexxx says:

    That is the aim Devil – that and of course smut.

    Hit me up later…we will talk about these things. I can’t wait for our (Spoiler alert) Collaborative piece.

  5. DevilSugar says:

    Ooh, you let the cat out of the bag. I certainly will have to rap with you about all this. Looking forward to it.

  6. Scond says:

    Alot of us are guys, some of us were teenagers when we first played Zelda and the like. I think weve all had the fantasy of saving the princess and getting a nice nsfw reward. Hell even as an adult knowing like and zelda cant bang to keep the lines seperate(poor link) We all wanted to be him. Do I still, not really, ive got my own princess to fantasize about, But i will admit…Peach got a nice butt.

  7. Lexxx says:

    Scond – Peach does in fact have a FANTASTIC ass.

    All men it seems have a fantasy about saving the princess – Hell…even I do…and I am sure that 99.9% of us here have fantasized about that NSFW moment as well. I know I have. At length…But I’m a bit of a perv (And my freak flag is waving so high at the moment they can likely see it from space . *Snrk* )

  8. The Musical Anti Hero says:

    I personally am I massive fan of Samus Aran. A good looking gal that can take care of herself, wipe out two whole races, go through several physical changes (MUTATIONS… Not -that- kind of change), and still have time to blow up at least three planets? Yesplz.

    No comment on Other M Samus yet… still… bleaching my brain.