Watch This Awesome Wonder Woman Short Film

Watch This Awesome Wonder Woman Short Film

Holy shit, you guys have to check out this awesome Wonder Woman short film by Rainfall Films. It’s bonkers!

Seriously, it’s really good and makes me wonder why DC is so reluctant to give Wonder Woman her own movie. Gina Carano would be prefect for the roll, but then again so would this chick. I loved the animated Wonder Woman feature Warner Bros put out a few years ago, they could just copy that story line. It was really violent too.

Either way, someone needs to make a live action Wonder Woman movie happen ASAP. ‘Nuff said.

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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2 Responses to “Watch This Awesome Wonder Woman Short Film”

  1. Bloodfart says:

    I may stand alone on this one, but I’d actually prefer high end animation over live action. Think about it, they could draw/render her look and proportions perfectly. Versus a live action actress who is probably wafer thin. And you wouldn’t take her seriously when she would rough up dudes. Furthermore, when she went soaring through the sky it’d look more natural. Versus an actor in front of a green screen. Imagine this if you will, what if they did CG animation, and made her look like Adam Hughes rendition of her?

    Live action still has issues, especially when it comes to super heroes. I enjoyed X-Men first class when I saw it in the theater. But they way they handle some of the super powered sequences…. cheese and meh CGi.

    Another example, look at the Arkham games, versus the films. I personally find them better, cause they’re so much closer to the source material.

    Opinions aside, that is a promising clip. But you know what I’m saying, if they cast somebody like Jessica Alba for Diana…. I’d blow chunks.

  2. Geist01 says:

    @Bloodfart – I don’t think you’re alone in thinking that. The Wonder Woman animated film that came out a few years was awesome. I’d love to see them do another one. I still think Gina Carano would be prefect for a live action movie though – She’s tough, she can actually fight and do her own stunts, and she’s pretty hot.

    That being said, if they just decide to make an awesome Wonder Woman game like Arkham Asylum instead of a movie I’d be cool with that.