Watch The Dragon’s Crown Launch Trailer

Watch The Dragon's Crown Launch Trailer

…but only if you don’t care about spoilers.

The trailer looks great and focuses almost exclusively on gameplay, but it does feature quite a few boss fights so if you want to keep them a secret then don’t watch it.

I’m looking forward to Dragon’s Crown coming out next week but unfortunately I’ll be on vacation and won’t be able to play it until I get back to LA. At least that gives me something to look forward to when I get home though. Who else is excited for Vanillaware’s upcoming hand-drawn brawler?

Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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One Response to “Watch The Dragon’s Crown Launch Trailer”

  1. DevilSugar says:

    The Wizard is the official badass for me. I can’t wait for that artbook, either. And the RPG mechanics look a little deeper than Muramasa, so that’s as solid as it could get 😀