Walking Dead first-person shooter announced

Walking Dead first-person shooter announced

As a fan of the Walking Dead comic, show, and episodic game series, I’m a little torn about the announcement that Activision will be publishing a FPS based on the show.

While the Telltale game has explored the comic book world, developer Terminal Reality will explore the early mythos of the hit show and the path to Atlanta for the Dixon brothers.

Does this story need to be told…no. So far no part of media related to the television show has revealed anything significant to the overall story that has not already been revealed in the comic. Do I want it to be told…hell yes!!! Daryl Dixon was an original character for the show that quickly became a favorite of mine. He stands as the only character, alongside his brother Merle, that I can see as fitting for an FPS. While details are light, they indicate stealth based gameplay. Not your traditional fare for an Activision zombie outing, and possibly one of the reasons the game is being developed by Terminal Reality instead of Treyarch.

Fans were surprised to get one quality game from the series, but with the announcement of a new game under a different publisher and developer I’m now half expecting Capcom to throw their hat in the ring and announce a Walking Dead fighting game at any moment. While I do agree that in the gaming world Activision stands next to Valve as the reigning authorities on FPS zombie smashing, the fact that Terminal Reality has been chosen to develop the new title instead of Treyarch has me worried. Terminal Reality showed they knew how to develop a quality licensed game with the well-received Ghostbusters game back in 2009, but they quickly lost points with me with Kinect Star Wars and it’s “Galactic Dance-off!”

The real key to this game’s success will lie in it’s ability to expand the story of the Walking Dead and continue to portray the Dixon brothers in an interesting light. Will insight be provided as to the motivations of Merle, or will there just be a lot of head smashing and supply scavenging?! With the comic releasing it’s 100th issue shortly with the promise of new reveals, the new game with it’s website tagline “the Walking Dead begins” could finally mean true insight into the zombie apocalypse.

– KamikazeQ

AMC’s The Walking Dead Video Game Official Website

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