Video game censorship is an ongoing political battle

Video Game Censorship

A battle for our nerdy souls and 1st Amaendment rights is being waged by those who want to censor the video games we play. Ken Doroshow, VP of the Entertainment Software Association and the guy fighting for us gamers, gives his thoughts on the topic at the DICE Summit 2010 in Vegas.

Ok so the opening was a little dramatic but hey, I am passionate about anti-censorship. IGN posted a quick article today on this topic and I thought you guys would like to check it out seeing as how video game censorship would affect all of us.

Ken Doroshow has been fighting against censorship in video games for years but the battle is far from over and never fully won.

Matt Casamassina for – There’s a lot of keynotes and speeches at the DICE Summit 2010 in Vegas this week, but one both surprisingly interesting and insightful came from the Entertainment Software Association’s senior VP and general counsel, Ken Doroshow. Put simply, he’s the man the ESA calls upon to stop efforts by the government or politicians to limit the sales or altogether censor videogames — oftentimes warping some constitutional law in the process.

IGN’s Full Article – Big Brother Wants to Censor Your Games

Oh, here’s a pic of Ivy by Reiq that I think is hot to drive the point home that if some people get their way you can kiss characters like this goodbye.

Soul Calibur’s Ivy by Reiq

Soul Calibur's Ivy by Reiq

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