Venus Rising – FoxySoft Looks To Offbeatr To Support Their Sexy New MMO

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Originally named Orgia Romanus, Venus Rising aims to provide a unique MMO experience.

Gamers will get to choose between serving the gods in their plan to use humans to raise armies of demigods or serving the people of Venusia by using the powers granted by the goddess Venus to hunt down demigods.

Classes include soldier, politician, and merchant; with secondary classes based off chosen character origins that will grant traits such as super strength. A completely player based economy that includes player-owned stores will be regulated by player established taxes and politics. Player housing will be available and serve as more than just a place to show off quest rewards. What makes this game different from the masses is that as you cultivate reputations with NPCs and players, you’ll unlock the option to have sex with them.

In Venus Rising, guilds are just orgies in the making.

Venus Rising still has a long way to go in development, but a demo is planned for December 2012. A loyal NSFW Gamer fan brought to attention the game’s presence on Offbeater. Offbeater is a crowd-sourcing website, similar to Kickstarter, but completely focused on adult related projects. The game is in the initial voting stage before it can start seeking funding, so anyone interested is encouraged to go and vote.

NSFW Gamer

FoxySoft just released a new video showing a quick tease of the sex-based gameplay. They’ve promised that while the scene shown is rather vanilla, the eventual release will strive to fulfill all your fetish needs. Keep in mind that with demigods running about, things can get pretty freaky and fast.

– KamikazeQ

Official Game Webpage –

Offbeatr page –

NSFW Gamer

NSFW Gamer

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