Venom vs Juri Han by CSmutRun

Lol I absolutely love the look on Venom’s face in this drawing by CSmutRun. You can really tell he’s firing off a huge fucking load in Juri Han’s ass. That being said, Juri’s facial expression is pretty awesome too. There’s a whole lotta screamin’ going on lol.

This is the first time I’ve come across CSmutRun and I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed. I really dig his style of art, plus it looks like he draws a lot of video game based hentai so expect to see more of CSmutRun on NSFW Gamer in the future.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

On a side note, I wanted to give you all a heads up that I might not be able to update the site much for the next week and a half. My personal life is pretty fucking insane right now.

Here’s the deal: I have my cousin’s wedding this Sunday that I am officiating so not only do I have to keep trying to memorize the speech, but I have a ton of other stuff to do like orchestrate the rehearsal dinner on Sat, etc. So that’s all happening kinda like right now (I flew to Maryland on Monday). Then, next Thursday I’m flying to Texas for another cousin’s wedding. At least this time I just have to show up and get drunk lol. I’ll be heading back to LA from TX on Monday the 22nd.

Basically I’m letting you all know this because there might be lulls in my updates. Maybe even up to a few days because I have no idea what the plan is when I get to Texas next week, and this week, well, let’s just say I’m just doing everything I can to just stay sane. Once I get settled back into a normal routine on the 23rd shit should be back to normal. As always, thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Art by CSmutRun ~ Hentai Foundry

Marvel vs Capcom Hentai at

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2 Responses to “Venom vs Juri Han by CSmutRun”

  1. Korgan says:

    i didn’t know juri was even in that game.


    I wish Juri was in that game