Vella’s Defeat by Norasuko

Vella's Defeat by Norasuko

Man, I am so outa the PC gaming realm I’ve never even heard of Vindictus. Seriously, I have no fucking clue what the fuck this even is. Is it an MMO?

After looking at pics online (and seeing this one) I’m intrigued. I’m digging Vindictus‘s character designs and the art style, I just know I’ll never play the game (if it’s even around anymore).

If you’re a Vindictus fan, or just love awesome hentai, then you’re definitely gonna want to see this pic of Vella by Norasuko. There’s even a little back story so click on the link below and check it out.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

Here’s a little back story written by Fak 99 (the person that commissioned this piece)

After hearing the rumors of what was happening in Ainle, Vella went off to investigate. Upon her arrival the town was in flames, attacked by the Fomors. However, something was… off. Most goblins Vella have encountered in the past were highly trained, very disciplined. These goblins acted odd, almost otherworldly. They were stronger and quickly overcame Vella. Disarmed and exhausted from fighting, Vella could only silently endure being violated by her foe.

– Geist01

Art by Norasuko ~ Hentai Foundry

Vindictus Hentai

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