Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters Canceled

Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters Canceled

The Kickstarter for the hentai game Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters was canceled on March 10th, the reason given by the developer was just to see how Kickstarter works.

In an update for the project, the game’s creator, Quincy (Vortex00), said:

“I was nearly done with the game before I even put the project on here. So it was never really required to reach the goal amount in order for me to finish it, though I did invest money into the game over the time it took to make it. I put it here mainly because I wanted to learn about how kickstarter works from the inside.”

He did address some of the issues that various people and news outlets had pointed out about the game. For starters, the unrealistic boob jiggling.

“I thought it was pretty obvious I was not going for realism here. I am not sure how anyone can look at the video and actually assume I was trying to make the jiggling realistic. It is designed to be goofy and silly looking.”

The art style.

“I like it, so I am going to roll with it. The only reason it would even be a issue is if I actually needed to make the goal amount to finish the game. But it was something I enjoyed doing. I think if you play the game, the art will not be as important as it seems. This is a style I was going to change it to, but decided to leave it as is instead.”

How it’s reminiscent of those many flash dating simulators you see online.

“It is not a date sim, but inspired from some yes. It is meant to resemble them or remind you of them. However if you don’t like those, then you probably won’t like this either.”

According to Quincy (Vortex00), the game is now finished and to any backers who are still interested in playing it, they can message him via the post on the Kickstarter update.

Here’s one of the people you can find online critiquing the game as mentioned above.

– Anonymous Tipster

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