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Dead or Alive 5 is here!

Normally, gaming sites would do some sort of retrospective, similar to our own two part Resident Evil retrospective, to show how a series’ characters and gameplay have changed over the years. This is not one of those retrospectives.

As much as I love the Dead or Alive series, I am in no position to give an in depth analysis about it. What I am an expert on is Dead or Alive doujins.

What’s a doujin you may ask? Simply, doujins are fanfic in comic form and while the writing can be hilariously awful (just like any fanfic one reads), doujins have the upper hand if they are drawn by the right artist.

I started consuming Dead or Alive doujins years before I ever played a Dead or Alive game, so narrowing the entries down to just the seven best was no easy task. However, I believe I’ve managed to do just that, so join me as I present the “Top 7 Dead or Alive Doujins”.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai, Nudity

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7. We Cosplay Together: Katsuni, Shyla Jennings, and Risi Simms
Cosplaying lesbians, what more do I need to say?

Well, if you insist on reading instead of just browsing the pictures… This little gem was brought to us by Reality Kings (by now, anyone who visits this site should know that name) and is sort of a spin off of their “We Live Together” series. Meaning Kasumi, Laura Croft, and a random schoolgirl get it on with each other, and man is it ever entertaining to watch.

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  1. thatguy says:

    Most of these have been translated to English and you can find them at E-hentai as well