Tokitowa – A Beautiful JRPG For The PS3

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An assassination attempt during a wedding, time travel, a bride with bi-polar split personalities, and a pet dragon are all parts of what makes Tokitowa interesting.

It sounds likes a crazy plot from an old-school anime and that is exactly the point. Developer Imageepoch has set out to make the world’s first entirely hand-drawn role playing game.

The cutscenes, battles, and overworld will be animated by the artists of Satelight; the same animation studio responsible for anime hits like Fairy Tale, Heat Guy J, and the 2001 Vampire Hunter D film.

NSFW Gamer

For those that need a little more motivation to buy this game, recent screenshots have revealed that there will be a little ecchi action and we can hope some more innuendo to go with. The screens reminded me of playing through Lunar and Lunar 2 as I sought out the bromides for that quick peek at the female characters in their swim suits. Older CD-based JRPGs often had hidden moments of fan service. American developers never seemed to embrace that concept and eventually the practice seemed to die as the quality of JRPGs diminished. I’m hoping that Tokitowa starts the trend anew.

NSFW Gamer

Details about the plot and gameplay have been sparse but so far it has been revealed that the game centers around the heroine attempting to avenge an assassination attempt made during her wedding ceremony. Tokitowa is scheduled for an international release in Japan and the US this coming October and I am definitely looking forward to it.

– KamikazeQ

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