The Dragon’s Crown Debate From A Gamer Girl’s Point Of View

The Dragon's Crown Debate From A Gamer Girl's Point Of View

Writing about my feelings on this whole Dragon’s Crown debate is proving to be more difficult than expected. I do believe that there are problems within the gaming community regarding sexism. I’m just disappointed that the discussion is unfolding around a game character with gigantic jiggly titties.

Seriously, this seems so minor compared to other things I have read about, it just makes me shake my head. Plus the irony that a porn site is interested in my opinion is not lost on me. But I promised to give thoughts, so “bare” with me.

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The simple fact is, I really don’t mind sexy characters in games. I even think it’s fun playing them from time to time. Even when a game’s characters are little too stylized for me, like Dragon’s Crown, I still don’t begrudge it. Sex sells and just because I may not find a character appealing, I’m not going to say that the appeal doesn’t exist. Truth of the matter is, I find all the characters of Dragon’s Crown ridiculous. So much so, that I have no interest in playing it.

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No, my problem is that the gaming industry continues to resist the idea that there could be other ways to depict women. That portions of the gaming community go rabid when someone points out that there are plenty of half naked chicks running around video games. I am frustrated when I read things like Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite was purposely kept off the front cover of the game for “frathouse appeal“. I get annoyed when I hear things like Naughty Dog having to demand female focus testing for The Last of Us. And I was just sad when I saw this.

I don’t expect the half-naked video game girl to go away. I don’t mind guys getting their booby-fix, but I am getting tired of my gender being minimalized to that role alone. The simple fact is, according to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, 40% of gamers are female. As the industry becomes more desperate for revenue (seriously, the new Tomb Raider is a failure according to Square Enix) only those publishers and developers that continue to ignore this market segment do so at their own peril.

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Fortunately there is hope. Because of things like this and the discussion of female portrayal in video games that is happening right now, as this Dragon’s Crown debate shows. But even more important, to the gaming industry, my dollar is as green as any man’s. Guess what upcoming game I’ll pay for full price for. I’ll give you a hint, its the one with the lady on the front of the box.

– AKrazeeKat

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