Tekken Tag Tournament 2 SDCC Bad Girls Trailer

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Katsuhiro Harada, director/producer of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, stated that he wasn’t worried about his game’s sales being affected by Dead or Alive 5.

Well, at San Diego Comic Con 2012 this week it’s easy to see why.

Today Namco released a live action trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It is surprisingly well cast and tastefully done. Nothing particularly new is revealed in terms of gameplay, just sexy models cosplaying as Tekken girls. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I especially appreciated Nina’s ass shot.

Pics and trailer after the jump.

Anyway, it seems like Namco is taking a playful jab at Dead or Alive 5 by also announcing a bikini bundle for pre-ordering the game, which will include over 100 swimsuits. Bikinis, sadly, were not in the trailer, but a few shots were posted to the Tekken Facebook page. It looks like Namco is aiming to please by giving us school swimsuits and bikinis from official Tekken artwork.

Bikinis make everything better in my opinion, so now I’m even more excited for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

– Sullivan O. Bradley

NSFW Gamer

NSFW Gamer

NSFW Gamer

NSFW Gamer

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3 Responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 SDCC Bad Girls Trailer”

  1. Greg Daniels says:

    If the last pic’s Lili, day-yum!

  2. thatguy says:

    @Greg Daniels yes the last pic is Lili and she gets that bikini in game

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