Team Ninja to make the next Metroid game

Team Ninja to make Metroid: Other M

Team Ninja, best known for the bouncing boobs in Dead or Alive and the bouncing boobs in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, are tackling the Metroid universe with Metroid: The Other M. If their track record is any indication we can expect to see Samus Aran’s breasteses bouncing every which way whilst she fights the titular enemies.

Of course I am only speculating here but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could at least play part of the game in Samus’ Zero Suit? It is just skin tight latex, it offers no chest support  – Team Ninja should be right at home rendering it.

Samas Aran Zero Suit by Reiq Zero Suit Samus Image by Reiq at Jiggly Girls

Besides my personal wishlist for Metroid: The Other M (which really just consists of one thing – well two actually) the game looks like its shaping up to be pretty fucking awesome. Not since “Prime” have I been this excited about a Metroid game. Just check out this video and try not to jizz your pants.

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