STD awareness has never been this much fun

Adventures In Sex City

Let me start by saying that Adventures In Sex City – The Game is completely real and not some twisted figment of my imagination. STD awareness has never been this much fun…or gross. Thanks Middlesex-London Health Unit!

I guess it was only a matter of time before some out-of-touch-with-the-youth-of-today doctor decided it was a good idea to combine video games with STD awareness. I’m sure he was sitting in his office one day and had a great epiphany, not unlike the first person who thought about combining peanut butter and chocolate, that went like this:

“I just don’t understand kids nowadays, all they do is play those damn video games and have unprotected sex with each other. If only there was a way to talk to them about STD awareness on a level they would understand. Ah Ha!”

And thus The Sex Squad and The Sperinator were born – Thanks guy!

Adventures In Sex City - The Game

As an elite member of The Sex Squad you must battle The Sperminator to free Sex City from his evil infectious clutches. Sounds pretty exciting right? Wrong. While the creators of this game tried to go the extra mile and give each member a little back story to make things more interesting (SPOILER ALERT: The Sperminator was once a member of The Sex Squad before he contracted and STD. Gasp!) the bulk of the game pretty much boils down to you answering a series of questions. If you get the question right you hit The Sperminator with his own sperm and knock off a bit of his life.

I know when I get hit by my own sperm I die a little bit inside too. I feel your pain Sperminator.

Adventures In Sex City - The Game

The (unintentional) humor comes from getting an answer wrong though. If you do, you get hit by The Sperminator’s shark-sperm and utter phrases like “I need a shower” and “AAGH, Right in the face!” (picture posted below as proof). If you play as one of the two chicks you might want to lose on purpose but as one of the two male characters it’s sort of morbid and gross.

Adventures In Sex City - The Game

If I understand it all correctly then the moral of the story is this – “Kids, if you contract an STD via unprotected sex your arms will grow into giant penises that shoot shark-sperm and you can only be cured when your friends answer a series of questions correctly”.

Thanks Middlesex-London Health Unit, you scared the shit out of me!

Play The Adventures In Sex City – The Game HERE

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