Star Wars 1313 announced

Star Wars 1313 announced

Despite being a tale of good versus evil coupled with healthy doses of vengeance and loss, the Star Wars franchise has never really embraced the mature moniker outside of fanboy dreams of Leia in her slave outfit.

LucasArts hopes to change that with Star Wars 1313.

Star Wars 1313

Being billed as the next internally developed Star Wars game since the Force Unleashed 2 and the first mature themed Star Wars game, SW 1313 drops you into the criminal underground of Coruscant. The Force Unleashed finally gave fans a chance to see what it would be like to wield the powers of a Sith and brutally murder all in your way. 1313 hopes to do the same for the bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe. The focus is not meant to be just on possessing the blasters and thermal detonators that Star Wars fans are familiar with, but on acting like a bounty hunter by walking into impossible odds and figuring out a solution in seconds that leaves you the only man standing.

NSFW Gamer

The mature content is sadly not going to be based on naked space princesses and aliens, but on telling a story too brutal for children. In my opinion, LucasArts actually took a good step towards gearing the franchise towards a mature audience with the original Force Unleashed. So the fact that Force Unleashed was not billed at being “mature” while 1313 is has me curious as to what awaits fans. When LucasArts takes their time with a product instead of rushing it out they are capable of making great use of the Star Wars intellectual property. Until more info is released, I’m not going to completely rule out the inclusion of sexy aliens just yet.

– KamikazeQ

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