SSX takes Elise’s ass to whole new heights

Elise Riggs SSX 2012

As graphical advancements overtake the rest of imagination in the medium of gaming, us dirty birds are treated to increasingly boner-hardening in-game elements.

No, I’m not talking about the terribly impressive hotties of Skyrim, nor the painful detail on the horses asses in Red Dead Redemption. Today kids, we’re focused on one, intensely perfect asset. Yeah you heard me I said asset. Yes I do speak every word I type. It’s better that way.

The set in question belongs to one Elise Riggs, former main character of the franchise, now stepped down to random-but-still-sexy contestant in EA’s long-runing snowboarding franchise, SSX. You may have just realized this article exists for the sole purpose of us to show you some screen grabs of this fictional goddess’ cheeks. You are a clever boy, or girl. Who are we kidding: boy.

Elise Riggs SSX 2012

Now get your joy on as you stare at the heavenly heart resting atop the legs of Ms. Riggs. Once you finish… why don’t you email EA a huge bowl of thanks for giving your jimmy such a pleasant day? I’m not going to, but that’s because I’m a sane, grown, adult male. Enjoy your butts!


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