South Park: The Stick of Truth Episode Guide

South Park: The Stick of Truth Episode Guide

Okay, okay. I’m a little late on the draw – but unlike a lot of other sites and reviewers, I actually wanted to put some time in with the game before giving you a list like this. I wanted to have a well formed opinion on things and not just give you the same bunch of episodes to watch.

The hundreds of pages long script for South Park: The Stick of Truth was penned by the creators of South Park, it features all kinds of little details that can be caught by super fans (Like myself) and casual observers alike.

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The creators did a fantastic job of creating an RPG that gamers could appreciate – it is immersive, it contains several levels of detail (EG: The “Montage” song playing in “Toms Rhinoplasty” along with the pictures of Hasselhoff on the walls in all his glory) that make you feel like you really are interacting as the “New Kid” in this quiet mountain town.

There was more that I enjoyed in this game than that I didn’t, but I do have one gripe. Guys, you can only start out and play the beginning part as, well, a guy. What gives here? No love for your vagina wearing fans? I would have loved to play those first few levels as a “New Girl” in south park – but they likely would have been very different. I have no interest in being on the “South Park Cows Cheerleading Squad” – and I could see it easily going that direction. Overall, in the grand scheme of things, that gripe is a very small one.

The game progresses VERY well. It is engaging, humorous, off color – everything you would expect a south park game to be really. It lacks the sophistication of some other RPG’s but if you are playing South Park looking for sophistication – you may want to check yourself. It was exactly what I was expecting and anticipating. The script was like a love letter to fans in the way that only South Park could do. It was crude, rude, and sophomoric (in all the right ways) while still managing to be socially relevant. The kind of Satire we have all come to expect.

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Without further adieu, I give you the five episodes of South Park to watch along side The Stick of Truth. You could do what I did and make a date out of it with your significant other. Of course this requires that your partner both be a gamer and into social satire that centers around poop and fart jokes – but it can be done. If that won’t fly, I suggest taking a day to play the game yourself, watching the episodes along side it. This will make the game even funnier as you relive the moments it is parodying. If you can get away with doing this while having some kind of adult beverage involved – it will make things even funnier. Trust me. I’m working on developing a drinking game to go along with South Park: The Stick of Truth that I will likely post at a later date. Anyway, I digress – Here are Lexxx’s recommendations for what to watch while you play.

These come in no particular order and can be watched in full at South Park Studios.

Season 17, Episode 7: Black Friday

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Anticipation for the biggest shopping day of the year is building. The dark days of winter are coming and that can only mean one thing: the fight to be the first in the mall on Black Friday has begun. The boys prepare to battle the crowds the day after Thanksgiving to get the best deal on the new gaming systems.

This hilarious Game of Thrones parody will give context to the opener of the game. Be sure to check out the lovely “Princess Kenny” – and don’t ask too many questions. That’s just how he rolls these days.

Season 10, Episode 6: ManBearPig

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Former Vice-President, Al Gore, speaks to the students of South Park Elementary about a serious threat to the planet; Manbearpig. Gore enlists the boy’s help to search for the elusive creature and gets them all trapped in a cave-in.

This is the first appearance of everyones favorite Vice President and Environmental Crusader. Look for him to make an appearance in the game pretty quick off. Yes, it is exactly what you would expect.

Season 11, Episode 14: The List

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The girls in the fourth grade class have made a secret list that rates every boy’s looks from cutest to ugliest. When the boys steal the list, they are completely unprepared to deal with the results.

As the owner and operator of a pair of ovaries, this one makes me really happy. Girls are such a mystery to the boys of South Park. I am not going to go into HOW this episode ties into the game, but it is awesome.

Season 2, Episode 17: Gnomes

Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are assigned to write a report with Tweek, the very nervous and highly caffeinated boy who insists gnomes are stealing his underpants. When they are unable to come up with a topic, Tweek’s father offers to write the paper, and uses this opportunity to vent his frustration at the corporate juggernaut Harbuck’s Coffee and its attempt to drive him out of business. Meanwhile, the boys try to stay awake to see if the underpants gnomes truly exist.

What else can be said about this but “Underpants Gnomes”. It’s one of the oldest and most beloved episodes in the South Park Universe. If you have no idea what I am referring to, do yourself a favor and watch it here now.

Season 9, Episode 11: Ginger Kids

Cartman suffers from a mysterious and sudden onset of Gingervitus. Sick and tired of being ridiculed for his red hair, light skin and freckles, he rallies all the ginger kids everywhere to fight against discrimination and rise up and become the master race they are intended to be.

As a daywalker myself. You know…one who is red in the head, this episode made me laugh a lot. I think it was my ringtone for about a month after. My little character was a ginger. It ties into the game a lot.

Now, this is by no means the definitive list. I could name 10 more episodes right off the cuff now that would definitely add to the list. I also don’t want to ruin all the fun for you. So…Pull up a chair, make sure you have a good solid few hours, and get ready to lose those few hours in the best way possible.

~ Lexxx

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  1. P.L.A.D. says:

    OMG I love this! These totally fit with the script. Love this, and love the game

  2. Fanalmighty1337 says:

    You know I never really liked South Park I thought it was all scatological humor. The insights and wisdom of this review really opened my eyes! It’s like I’m seeing all this in a whole new light! Thank you Lexx!