Shantae Gets Her Ass Licked by Risky Boots

Shantae Gets Her Ass Licked by Risky Boots

Here’s an awesome piece of Flash hentai Spazkid did for Shadbase featuring Risky Boots licking Shantae’s tight asshole.

I could watch this all fucking day.

If you are a fan of WayForward’s Shantae games, or just love great hentai in general, then you need to check this out. I posted a static pic below, but if you click on it you will be taken directly to the animated version on Shadman’s website. Enjoy!

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01

Art by Spazkid (aka ClassX) ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Shadbase ~ Tumblr

~ All Images Link Away From ~

Shantae Hentai

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One Response to “Shantae Gets Her Ass Licked by Risky Boots”

  1. Bloodfart says:

    Not big on rimmin’… unless it’s two ladies, then it’s awesome.

    As for Miss Shantae, I’m pretty pumped for that next title, it shall be the next purchase I make for my 3DS. Mhmm mhmm.