Shantae Gets A Sexy New Outfit For iOS

There’s a whole lot of Shantae news going on lately. This one isn’t quite NSFW, but I wanted to let you guys know about this anyways.

In celebration of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero getting close to being fully funded on Kickstarter, WayForward has made the iOS version of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge free for a limited time and included a totally new costume. I think Shantae’s new look is quite sexy and I hope we get to see some hentai of it in the future.

Don’t forget to check check out Shantae’s Girl of the Week feature for some hot hentai and EVM Productions’s hilarious review of her first game.

Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

Shantae Hentai at NSFW Gamer

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One Response to “Shantae Gets A Sexy New Outfit For iOS”

  1. yaz says:

    blah…why does ios always get everything 🙁