Sasha Kaidonovsky by Ganassa

Sasha Kaidonovsky by Ganassa - Pacific Rim Hentai

If you haven’t seen Pacific Rim you might not know who Sasha Kaidonovsky is. Hell, even if you have seen the movie you might not know who she is.

Sasha Kaidonovsky and her husband were the Russian pilots of Cherno Alpha. Both of them had about 10 minutes of screen time, but during that time their presence was larger than life.

I thought Sasha Kaidonovsky and her Jaeger were really fucking cool and I’m happy that someone else things so too. I would love to see a comic book (aside from the hardcover prequel) or video game that fleshes out the other characters in the movie. Pacific Rim has a rich universe that’s just begging to be explored. Maybe with enough fan art out there someone will take notice and make it happen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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