Sasha Grey plays Dungeons and Dragons

Sasha Grey plays Dungeons and Dragons

Every fanboy dreams of finding a hot nerdy chick that understands his geeky obsessions and aversion to daylight. What if I were to tell you that adult film superstar Sasha Grey was a big geek too? Check out the video of her playing Dungeons and Dragons be prepared to nut in your Boba Fett underwear.

The Escapist posted the video below of Sasha Grey playing Dungeons and Dragons for her first time with a group of fellow porn stars and strippers. Those of you who don’t know who she is are in for a treat. Here Sasha is posing topless for the glamour nude website X-Art.

Sasha Grey plays Dungeons and Dragons

Here she is attempting to play Dungeons and Dragons. Welcome to our world Sasha Grey – it’s a dark place filled with ten sided dice and +2 dexterity swords.

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