Sandbox Superhero Games: A Retrospective

Sandbox Superhero Games: A Retrospective

Oh my freaking god, can you believe we’re getting Saints Row and Batman within two months of each other?

It’s enough to make a guy’s pants explode with delight! Now that we’re here, nestled in between these two gigantic releases in the most handsome month of September (it’s when I was born, so that’s obviously something wonderful about it), I figure it’s time to give us a look back on all our favorites.

From robots to assassins to conduits, we’ve got a lot to love.

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Sandbox Supers: An NSFW Gamer Retrospective

Quite possibly the definitive beginning of the genre, Spider-Man 2 was what everyone who enjoyed the Sam Raimi trilogy wanted – and more. The mission variance, the rogue’s gallery you confronted, the easy-to-grasp upgrade system – Hey, what other super-game does this sound like? That’s right, all of them! It seems the very DNA of this awesome sub-genre can be found in what I consider the genesis of the whole wonderful world. Not to mention this is the first I can recall of Black Cat appearing in a game. Major boner – uh, bonus points there.

Sandbox Supers: An NSFW Gamer Retrospective

But in all seriousness, this was the first game that made me feel like I was the superhero on the screen. Right from the first moment Bruce Campbell told me to jump off the skyscraper then chastised me for doing anything I’m told, only to inform me “Shoot your web, it’ll save you from becoming street pizza,” the game was straight-up fun. As we all know, fun is God in this business, and Spider-Man 2 set the Super standard.


Sandbox Supers: An NSFW Gamer Retrospective

My first current-gen super game, and by a long shot the franchise I’ve enjoyed the most in the genre. Coming from Sucker Punch, the guys who cut their teeth developing the awesome Sly Cooper series, this game introduced us to the next PlayStation icon, Cole McGrath. Though the first game bore the marks of a developer making the move to a more grown-up audience, such as easy black-and-white choices, comic pages instead of fully animated cutscenes, and the main character’s girlfriend being a not-very-naughty nurse, the second game is where they stepped up their confidence and brought down the house, as well as the entirety of New Marais. Hey, nukes happen, amirite?

Back to the point, as much buzz as there has been with companies changing their attitudes this year (EA giving up online passes, Microsoft going back to offline play), Sucker Punch really should get credit for being the first to the trend. When their “New Cole” design debuted on the GameInformer cover and was met with less than satisfaction by the fans, Sucker Punch went back to the drawing board and gave us back the shaved head, goatee, and no-frills-or-fluff Cole we had journeyed with before (thus also preemptively proving that Capcom is just a stick in the mud).

We also got a great babe profile, with CIA Agent Lucy Kuo and New Marais native Nix, a hot pair of hotheads who were at each other’s throats as much as they were after the mercenaries you were fighting. I think I see a future catfight in the making here…

But that’s a story for another time. Cole McGrath, from the Demon of Empire City to the Patron Saint of New Marais had one hell of a journey, and left some big shoes for Delsin Rowe to fill in his wake. Let’s hope our new hero is up to the challenge.


Sandbox Supers: An NSFW Gamer Retrospective

While not quite giving us the third-person wonderland we get in most sandbox superhero games, I think this is still a standout entry for the genre. After all, a few augmentations, and you can fall from any height, leap a chain-link fence with hardly any effort, and punch through a wall to knock out your enemy on the other side. If that’s not a super game, then Batman may as well hang up the cowl now.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a definitive Game of the Year slugger in my and other’s books, and it’s not hard to understand why. From a story that kept twisting and turning until the end to the nail-biting “Did he see me? Okay, good. SHIT! That guy saw me!” stealth-inspired gameplay, this was a beauty of a game that got our pulses racing on multiple fronts. It’s rare that a game can prove it takes a badass to not harm a soul, but as soon as I joined the ranks who completed a pacifist playthrough, I couldn’t describe the feeling any other way. Rock on, Adam Jensen, you’re a futuristic stoic monk, knowing you can kill with your bare hands, but understanding the heavy cost of even one life.

Sandbox Supers: An NSFW Gamer Retrospective

… Aaaand getting some seriously hot tail along the way. You go boy!

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