Samus Aran Attacked by Tentacles by Norasuko

Samus Aran Attacked by Tentacles - Art by Norasuko

Here’s Norasuko’s entry in the Villains Victorious! contest that’s currently running on Hentai Foundry. Said villain in this pic is Emperor Ing, the big tentacle monster boss from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

I haven’t played the Metroid Prime series since it first came out on the GameCube years ago. I would love to play them on the Wii, but alas there’s not going back now – my backlog is too big as it is. I gotta treat gaming as if I were playing Contra: always move forward.

Still, this pic does put me in a huge Metroid mood. I wish Nintendo would release Super Metroid for the 3DS, especially since next month is its 20th anniversary in North America. Hell, I don’t care if they do a straight port of the game with the old graphic, I just want to play it and since I don’t have an SNES I don’t have any other options. Sometimes I really don’t understand Nintendo. It seems like they drop these kinds of balls a lot.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01

Art by Norasuko ~ Hentai Foundry

Metroid Hentai at NSFW Gamer

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