Saints Row IV Presents The Inauguration Station

Saints Row IV Presents The Inaguration Station

Volition is back with their unique take on a game demo, presenting the character customization tool “Inauguration Station” for Saints Row IV.

Fans will be pleased to know the longtime-present “Cockney” accent is still available, but if you want to know if the Zombie has returned, you’ll have to download it yourself – spoilers are for jerks!

Perhaps best of all, you can copy in your Saints Row: The Third character seamlessly. I believe my redheaded chick with the Eastern European accent and rockin’ muttonchops will be very pleased to hear that. Come on everybody, let’s badly imitate an Englishman and taunt the wimps who hated everything after Saints Row 2! “You can’t beat the Saaaiiiints!”

You can download the the Saints Row IV Inauguration Station for PS3 and Xbox 360 right now.

– Brad Cowan aka “DevilSugar”

Saints Row IV Presents The Inaguration Station

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