Saints Row IV – Meet The President Trailer

Saints Row IV - Meet The President Trailer

I’ve never played any game in the Saints Row series.

Not because I had no interest though, I always thought the premise sounded pretty cool, it was usually a matter of timing. I was either balls deep in another game or I was on vacation or something and then, before I knew it, the latest Saints Row game had come and gone and I forgot about it. A damn shame.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen with Saints Row IV because it looks like a blast. Check out the “Meet The President” trailer after the jump.

– Geist01

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2 Responses to “Saints Row IV – Meet The President Trailer”

  1. Dave (aka Nev the Deranged) says:

    If I can play the (short, fat, Asian, female) character I made for SRIII, I’m in. If I’m artificially restricted to playing a dude, meh. I just can’t support a move in that direction after SR has been such a positive franchise for female empowerment.

    Or at least as positive as a game about beating people to death with a giant dildo can be.

  2. Devilsugar says:

    It’s official, I’m in love.