Saints Row IV Collector’s Edition Announced

Saints Row IV Collector's Edition Announced

My future Presidents of the United States and leaders of the free world, it is my pleasure to announce the Saints Row IV Super Deadly Wub-Wub Edition.

Featuring alternate box art, the terrific new Dubstep Gun, a Dubstep Doomsday button, and the item that made me cream my nerd jeans, a Johnny Gat memorial statue, this is a collector’s edition most certainly fitting the man/ woman/ hermaphrodite who leads the greatest most powerful pimpin’est nation on the planet.

Join me in dropping a cool Benjamin on this baby before August 20, then dropping a wub-wub beat on the Zin empire. Then if you’ve followed me that far, join me by taking that doomsday button to work and seeing how many of your coworkers can’t help themselves. Just don’t hold me responsible if the whole office starts raving and nobody gets any work done.

– DevilSugar

NSFW Gamer

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