Ryūko Matoi Attacked By Tentacles – Art by Owler

Ryūko Matoi Attacked By Tentacles - Art by Owler

Perfect timing!

I was in a Kill la Kill mood after posting the Nonon Jakuzure cosplay pics earlier today and I was hoping to feature some hentai too. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that I liked featuring Nonon, but this drawing of Ryūko Matoi by Owler is a phenomenal alternative.

I’m sure by now most of you are fans of the hentai artist known as Owler, but if you’re new to the site make sure you click on the link below and follow her on Hentai Foundry and Tumblr. She’s a great artist that produces a lot of work on a regular basis. Definitely one of the best in the biz.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01 ~ Bio

Art by Owler ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blog ~ Tumblr

Kill la Kill Hentai at NSFWGamer.com

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