Ryse: Son of Rome’s Weird Boobs Physics

Ryse: Son of Rome's Weird Boobs Physics

Patricia Hernandez posted an article and video on Kotaku yesterday about Ryse: Son of Rome‘s weird next-gen boobs. In it she wonders why, as an industry, we can’t seem to figure out how breasts move even with all these advanced physics programs and amazing graphics.

After watching the video, I have a agree with her. If this is what “next-gen” boob physics look like then count me out. They look like bags of jello or something. Do you think anyone at Crytek has even touched a boob before in their life? It reminds me of the Steve Carell quote from 40 Year Old Virgin, “You know how when you grab a woman’s breast… it feels like… a bag of sand.”

Below is a GIF someone made of the horrible boobs in Ryse and here’s the link to the article on Kotaku so you can watch the full video – That’s Not How Breasts Work, Ryse – Just be aware that it might contain story spoilers.

Ryse: Son of Rome bouncing boobs gif

On the other hand, here’s a video from the PS2 Capcom game, Haunting Ground, that someone posted in the comments section of the same article as an example of bouncing boobs done right. They might be a little too stiff, but infinitely better than the ones in Ryse. PS2 graphics FTW!

And, of course, there’s always Dead or Alive…

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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One Response to “Ryse: Son of Rome’s Weird Boobs Physics”

  1. Korgan says:

    the boobs in haunting ground just look like silicone. no thanks.