Review: Seduce Me

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

Porn games are not a new concept by any means.

I grew up playing Leisure Larry and I still remember when compact discs where first released and there was a wave of interactive porn games.

Releases like 7 Sins and Bonetown have catered to gaming pervs like me by delivering cheap thrills to the libido. Seduce Me by developer No Reply is the latest pornographic offender in the gaming world. After reading the excellent article put together by my associate Anystom0, I decided it was my duty to deliver a comprehensive review as a follow-up.

Is Seduce Me the evolution of adult gaming, or just another contender that goes limp before the finish line?

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Seduce Me
Systems: PC [Reviewed]
Developer: No Reply Games
Publisher: No Reply Games
Release: December 16, 2012
MSRP: 14.99 EU

The plot and goal of Seduce Me is simply and to the point. You play a nameless male that meets hedonistic model Pietra; who promptly invites you back to her mansion filled with her female associates and a couple of male staffers. Your goal is to successfully build a relationship with one of the four main characters which include:

Pietra – your host and a woman that is concerned only with the satisfaction that carnal pleasures can provide her.
Esper – Pietra’s slutty and submissive maid.
Cecilia – A gold-digging socialite that lives for the next cock or drink that crosses her lips.
Lilia – Cecilia’s virginal daughter that abhors the lifestyle her mother represents.

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

As you interact with the four main girls and other residents of the mansion, you will build up meters representing your popularity in the house in addition to your intimacy and affection with each main girl. Popularity opens up new comment options when you encounter two characters interacting and it keeps you from getting kicked out of the house. If your popularity drops to zero Pietra’s personal assistant will force you into a mini-game that results in an instant game over if lost.

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

Intimacy and affection with each girl is built up via your comment choice when you encounter them with other house guests and how well you do in the mini-games. Your intimacy and affection levels dictate what activities the girls will engage you in to include dancing, detailing past sexual encounters or fantasies, and engaging in sex with you. Winning the game involves maxing out the meters with one girl upon which she invites you on a trip to get better acquainted.

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

Card-based mini-games are used instead of traditional conversation. Small talk, flirting, intimate discussions and arguments are all represented by there own unique card game. It took me a while to learn the system because winning a mini-game in Seduce Me does not involve having the higher score but instead being as close to your opponents score as possible. For example, one mini-game type involves cards 5 – king. Each player tries to place a card higher than the card placed by their opponent. Cards 6 – 9 are worth face value while a 10 reduces the players score by that amount. Jacks are zero points while a queen rounds your score up to the nearest multiple of 50 and a king rounds up to the nearest multiple of 25. 5 cards are worth -15 points but can be played on face cards to reset the stack. Players must play any valid cards in their hands but if left with none, they take a 5 point penalty and the opponent can play any card to restart the stack. In each mini-game you have the potential to incur or lose favor with a particular girl or house popularity based on how close your score is to your opponent’s. Wider spreads have greater losses while the smaller the spread, the more your meter affected by that game will shoot up. What I expected to be simple card games based off high vs low ended up being battles equal parts luck and strategy.

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

As I played through Seduce Me I realized what I had in front of me was not just another porno game, but the European equivalent of a dating simulator. The girls each have distinct personalities and will react differently to your interactions with others. Pietra will not be bothered if you engage multiple partners while Lilia will be enraged by it. Esper on the other hand will become aroused and beg to be included. Cecilia will carry on with you regardless of your actions with her daughter yet compliment you for getting her to come out of her shell. Even your interactions with the side characters will have some impact and provide hindrance or assistance with your chosen female to a small degree.

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

No Reply consists of two individuals; Miriam Bellard and Andrejs Skuja. I would like to offer a slow clap to this developer for putting together a very pretty and bug free indie game with so small a team. While the visuals and audio may not be awe-inspiring, they are pretty good for a two-person effort. I was further surprised by the fact that there was a simultaneous Windows and Mac release for Seduce Me. In a gaming industry where the developers of triple A titles like Borderlands and Call of Duty don’t feel the need to develop for Mac in-house and instead pass porting duties off to companies like Aspyr Media; No Reply wins my respect for realizing Mac users want to play as well.

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

Seduce Me is not perfect. The gameplay gets repetitious quickly and there will be a lot of times in the mini-games where luck of the draw left you with no chance to win from the start. The mansion can be a pain to navigate unless you choose to remember how all the rooms are connected due to the lack of a map system. Regardless of the game’s flaws I still had fun playing it and will continue to do so until I have see every girl’s ending. If you’re a gaming perv and have 13 Euros to spare (just over $17 USD) then I recommend checking the game out.

Game 3/5

NSFW Gamer Review: Seduce Me

The scenes are very erotic and explore a variety of sexual aspects to include cuckolding, humiliation, ass worship, and more. The art work is top notch and reminds me of the character stills of Leisure Suit Larry 6. The developers even went as far as to draw secondary swimsuit outfits for the girls to appear in if you encounter them poolside. The personalities of the girls combined with the range of sexual fetishes almost insures that there is something to arouse everybody. My only real grip is that everything is presented via still frames as opposed to being animated.

Hotness 4/5

– KamikazeQ

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