Review: How the Saints Save Christmas

How The Saints Save Christmas review

It’s that time of year again, the time of year where we all gather our families close and fight off evil old Clawz and defend our right to… wait, what?

Celebrating in only the way that the Third Street Saints can, with stylish trouble, Volition’s latest Saints Row IV expansion takes us into the future where Christmas is in trouble and the Saints must once again save the day. Sure, it sounds fun, but is it enough to keep you laughing all the way?

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Saints Row IV: How the Saints Save Christmas
Systems: Playstation 3 [Reviewed], XBox 360, PC
Developer: Volition
Publisher: Deep Silver
Release: December 10, 2013
MSRP: $6.99

Our opening sees the Saints decking the spaceship corridors with holiday cheer, however The Boss is stuck in the Grinchiest of moods. Apparently going from lowly street gang to savior of Earth can do that to a guy. However, we aren’t granted much time before Future Shaundi travels back to warn them all that Christmas is doomed without their help. Zinyak has captured Santa and trapped him in the simulation, turning him into the twisted monster Clawz, and he’s ready to put all of Earth on the naughty list. Remember what I said about Zinyak not quite being the villain you love to hate? Yeah, screw that. It’s time to murder that bastard all over again.

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The Warden template is used once again for Clawz, but rather than making him the focus of the DLC like the Dominatrix was, this time around it’s more about the journey, with the leader of the Saints learning the true meaning of the holidays. Altogether it makes for a much better game, the jokes are absolutely terrific and back to the no-holds-barred style that Saints Row is known for. Most welcome here is a new location, namely a trip to the North Pole, and that makes way for all sorts of new shenanigans. I have a hard time choosing whether I like the new Dubstep gun skin the most or finding out that Mrs. Claus is a badass.

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Volition takes much more confident strides this time around, and I can safely say How the Saints Save Christmas absolutely blows Enter the Dominatrix out of the water based on the sheer amount of fun I had playing it. Also, Volition has finally patched their Iron Rogue and Amazon princess costumes, and not only do they now appear in the menu, but included was the “Thank you” pack, a bundle of free costumes including “The Road Barbarian,” a very Mad Max inspired design that you see my character wearing in these screens. The best part is that Volition also made sure this was the gift that keeps on giving with continued instances of the new “Naughty or Nice” activity. Big ups to the V.

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If anyone was on the fence about the season pass or just buying one of the two DLC’s, then I can assure you it’s worth saving money on both by buying it. However, if you’re only interested in one of them, then buy How the Saints Save Christmas right now.

Game 5/5

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Of course, what would the Saints be without a few antics worthy of getting on the naughty list? Though the DLC doesn’t come with any Christmas-themed underthings, Future Shaundi is a pretty hot piece to look at if you’re into cyber-babes. For those keeping score at home, that’s three Shaundis you get to hang out with. The costume pack DLC’s have not let us down yet, with the Zinyak Attack Pack offering a very uniquely sexy option to look like a female Zin soldier, while the Pirate’s Booty Pack allows you to combine an eye-patch and bandanna if you get turned on by all things scurvy.

Last but not least is the Super Saints Pack, which allows you to dress in a new take on superhero spandex. Now all the leader of the Saints needs to do is go back in time and prevent the horror wrought by Holy Diver.

Hotness 2.5/5

– Brad Cowan aka “DevilSugar”

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2 Responses to “Review: How the Saints Save Christmas”

  1. Bloodfart says:

    I do like the low priced holiday themed DLCs. Both this and BL2 were decent little excursions. Oddly enough, I think the SR DLC this time was longer then the BL2 one. But yeah, gotta give credit to the SR DLC for giving a lotta goodies out along with the DLC (with the outfits and a buncha rides).

    Oh and the ending montage… pure cheeeeeese.

  2. DevilSugar says:

    haha, Yeah, but it was good cheese. I would hope that SR’s content is longer since it’s priced more. And I reaaally had to fight not to buy any BL2 DLC’s while they were on sale. I just started in Free-with-PS Plus, and I am nucking futs for Kreig, but I promised myself I’m just going to play the base game and import my characters to the Vita version. I found it very, very hard to stick to my guns though.