Review: Devil May Cry HD Collection

Devil May Cry Collection review

The Devil May Cry, but I sure as hell won’t.

That’s the first thing that came into my mind after playing the new Devil May Cry HD Collection. While it may seem like they are just mimicking Konami and Ubisoft by releasing past titles in HD to hold over the hoards of people waiting for the newest addition to the series (Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance and Capcom’s new DMC), when in fact…..wait THATS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

Whatever though. I’m not writing to talk about constantly delayed games that make me want to rip my hair out in anticipation. I’m here to write about the Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Devil May Cry Collection review

Devil May Cry HD Collection
Systems: Playstation 3 [Reviewed], XBox360
Developer: Capcom
Publisher; Capcom
Released: April 3, 2012
MSRP: $39.99

I got up bright and early to pick up the new Devil May Cry HD Collection, which includes 3 games: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, all of which have never been on any system besides the PS2. In each game, you play as half-human, half-demon Dante who runs a demon slaying business called Devil May Cry. Throughout each game, you fight through hoards of demons and kick ass with a series of devilish weaponry and powers. Devil May Cry has always held a special place in my heart ever since I played the first one when I was about 7 years old, maintaining a spot in my “Top 5 Greatest Game Series Of All Time” list for all these years. After playing the HD collection, that place in my heart seemed to come alive again and rekindle a presence I’ve not felt since……(Star Wars reference ftw)

Devil May Cry Collection review

With the Devil May Cry HD Collection, Capcom brings back the series that revolutionized hack-and-slash games forever. The weapon switching in all three of the games is flawless and smooth, letting you switch from swords and melee weapons to guns with the press of a button, allowing massively colorful combos and complete bad-assness from all ranges. Throughout the game you collect “orbs” by killing enemies or finding them hidden in the each of the levels of the game, with different colors corresponding to what bonuses they give to the player. This is a very fast paced game and can require fast reflexes as well as quick thinking to survive and solve puzzles.

Devil May Cry Collection review

There are tons of powers and abilities to unlock, from teleporting to your “Devil Trigger” which turns you into a powerful demon for a short amount of time. Unlocking special abilities increases your speed and strength, and pretty much makes you look like a total boss. There are a lot of way to mix these abilities because you can switch through them quickly and with ease. Mix that with some killer gun and sword play, and you get a nice tasty gumbo of death and fun.

Devil May Cry Collection review

The story and characters are very well put together. The protagonist, Dante, has a wit that can’t be matched and a crazy style that fits his cocky, half-demon self while he hunts down his own kind. Its like a demonic version of Blade with more laughs. There is one thing about this game that nothing can compare to. Cut scenes. The Devil May Cry Series is famous for its legendary, action-packed cut scenes that make you just wanna throw your gang signs up and say “WHAT NOW MUTHA FUCKA, YOU AIN’T GOT SHIT” That is not a joke, the cut scenes really are that intense, especially in Devil May Cry 3.

All in all, the gameplay is superb and never gets boring as there are 3 different games and many different difficulties and special abilities to unlock after beating each of them.

Game 5/5

Devil May Cry Collection review

Now, It’s time for the shit that matters, GIRLS. The Devil May Cry series is famous for 4 things: cut scenes, laughs, action, and hot busty babes whose tits are always about to explode out their tops. There are a number of hot girls in the series and with the HD collection’s enhanced graphics, they look even more delicious. Don’t be fooled though, sexy is usually dangerous in Devil May Cry, and trust me, these chicks beat the shit out of Webster until he changed both the definitions of “Sexy” and “Dangerous” to match exactly.

While most of the hotness appeared in Devil May Cry 4, the first three games definitely have their moments, even one for the ladies at the beginning of Devil May Cry 3 where you play as a shirtless Dante and fight a hoard of demons stupid enough to interrupt him while he was eating pizza. (Word to the wise. Dont. Ever. Interrupt. Dante’s. Pizza Time.) I have officially and appropriately named this shirtless version of Dante, “Sexy-Dante”. I’d like to point out that even with all the sexiness going on, there are no sex scenes. This game has a whole lot of hotness but does not need sexual intercourse to get more people to buy it and that makes me respect this game that much more.

Hotness 3/5

Now I feel I must clarify that the chronological order of the Devil May Cry series can be quite confusing. Chronologically (including the upcoming title, DMC), the order of the games in the series are as follows: DMC, Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 4, and finally Devil May Cry 2

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– Joe Walker

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