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Borderlands 2 has finally arrived and without getting too far ahead of myself it was worth the wait.

If you played the first game then you know what you are about to get yourself into. 4 vault hunters – Axton (The Commando), Salvador (The Gunzerker), Maya (The Siren), and Zer0 (The Assasin) – are on a mission to open a vault on Pandora that contains unknown items of great value and power.

The twist this time around is you have been lured to the planet by a man named Handsome Jack only to have him try and off you so he can keep the vault for himself.

Borderlands 2
Systems: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 [Reviewed], Windows.
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Released: September 18, 2012
MSRP: $59.99

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Unlike in the first game where certain weapons were restricted by class, the sequel allows for all the classes to use all of the guns. This, however, is one of the few downsides to Borderlands 2. I feel this loses some of the characters’ individuality. In Borderlands 1 when I was playing with Lilith I was restricted to pretty much SMGs and pistols. This made me plan out each fight accordingly to give myself the best shot at survival. Now with access to every gun I feel I can approach a lot of the missions the same way each time with little need to change up how I approach it. On the bright side, each of the characters has a slightly different play style due to their different special moves.

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That being said, the gameplay is still very tight. The varied guns from the game’s different manufacturers all feel different and each player will probably settle on a particular brand they like very quickly. One of my favorites was a rocket launcher that I hurled at my enemies rather than reloading it, only to then have a digital recreation appear fully reloaded and ready to go. Again, there are a crap ton of weapons in this game and you will naturally gravitate towards your favorite, which brings me to another aspect I love in Borderlands 2 – Letting go of weapons can be hard. You found that level 19 orange pistol that you never have to reload. It is amazing, it tears through the baddies like they were paper, but as time goes on it starts to do less damage and the enemies just will not go down like they used to, so you have to toss your precious aside and settle on that new green shotgun you found just because it packs stronger punch. This is the part of the game I love: you can never really settle on your weapons because you have to constantly upgrade to something stronger or you will get your face wrecked.

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I have to talk about multiplayer because Borderlands 2 is built for it and it shows. My first night I jumped on with my step brothers and we played for about an hour or two together and it was awesome. We could either move as a unit and become a force to be reckoned with or we could move separate and cover a few quests at once. Either way was fun and rewarding, especially as we moved up in levels. Since the difficulty scales to how many players are in the game it became much tougher in some spots to go solo, but this also meant much bigger rewards being dropped for us. This did lead to some conflict because, like I said before, guns are not class specific making us fight over the stronger guns we all wanted.

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Let’s talk briefly about the graphics. I am only doing this because it does involve one of the areas I found that really annoyed me about Borderlands. I had played the first one so the cell shading thing is not an issue for me – It is their signature style and I would hope they never change it because it really works for this game. What did bother me is the texture loading issues. Anything that was more than, say, 20 yards away would need to load its texture once I got up closer to it. This just bugs me. I feel they could have found a way to get better draw distance from the graphics even on the older tech of the 360. Sniping was even worse. if I was shooting at a target off in the distance most times the enemy would not have a gun or would not be fully rendered. Maybe I am nit picking a bit but I feel it is an issue that could have been handled better.

So overall, yeah I approve of this game and urge you to go get it. In a world where Call of Duty and Halo have bogged down the first person shooter, Borderlands 2 offers a nice change of pace to what is out there. So go grab it and I will see you all out there on Pandora.

Game 4.5/5

NSFW Gamer

“Wait GL, don’t go yet! You didn’t tell us about the girls!”

Oh silly me, silly me, where are my manners? This is NSFW Gamer after all, we don’t just review the games we tell you why you won’t want to take your eyes off them.

Ok so let’s talk about the ladies of Pandora, for the most part we are talking about 3 lovelies – Maya, Lilith, and Moxxi. Now if you have been hitting up the site lately you probably noticed we have spotlighted all three of these babes in one segment or another over the past week, but don’t worry, they impress in the game just as much as on the site. They are all sexy in their own ways, though Moxxi tends to be a bit more overt about it, Lilith comes across as a girl trying to figure out her relationship with Roland, and Maya for the most part plays it mute, but if any of your friends are playing as her she can be a little distracting with some of her one liners from time to time. Overall the game is not about being sexy, but that does not stop the girls from adding a bit of sex appeal to Pandora.

Hotness 3/5


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  1. Jojonon says:

    Um, in the first game weapons were not at all restricted by class. Sure each class had some talents that buffed certain weapon types but by no means did you have to use those weapon types.