Resident Evil: Revelations coming to consoles

Resident Evil: Revelations coming to PS3, XBox, and Wii U

Non-3DS owners, here’s your chance to pick up one of the best Resident Evil games to come out in years.

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while, but now it’s official – Resident Evil: Revelations is making its way to the PS3, XBox360, and Wii U on May 21st in the US (May 24 in Europe) as a full retail title for $50.

Everyone should be pretty excited about this. Revelations was one of the best RE games in years and was one of the main reasons I bought a 3DS. I loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to check it out on the PS3 when it drops (Sony has a day-one digital download exclusive deal with Capcom for this game). Here’s hoping Resident Evil: Revelations reaches a broader audience because I would love to see a direct sequel (and more of Jill’s ass in a wetsuit).

Check out the announcement trailer after the jump.

– Geist01

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One Response to “Resident Evil: Revelations coming to consoles”

  1. Adam Nystrom says:

    $50 for a handheld re-release? Jesus, Capcom…I think I’ll just end up getting a 3DS eventually anyway.