Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – Now with more T&A

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Sheva

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is slated to hit PS3 and XBox 360 in March of 2010. If you already own the main game then you can just download the new costumes and features instead of shelling out another $60. The DLC will be available for PS3 and XBox 360 a week before the Gold Edition will be on store shelves.

The DLC will feature two new missions. The first one will star Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield in a flashback episode titled “Lost in Nightmares” chronicles their attempt to bring Albert Wesker to justice. The second, called “Desperate Escape”, will be a side mission to the main game staring Jill and BSAA agent Josh Stone as they try to escape the zombie horde and meet up with Chris and Sheva for the climatic end of the game.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Sheva Business Suite

On top of that there will be new playable characters added to the Mercenaries mini-game as well as new costumes for Sheva and Chris. Sheva gets a sorta cool business suit while Chris gets decked out in a Road Warrior style outfit. The second, and arguably hotter, costume that you can download for Sheva is titled “Folklore” and features her in a skimpy Red Riding Hood-esque outfit.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Sheva Folklore

As someone who has a mad hard-on for Sheva and absolutely loved her Tribal costume I can’t wait to play through the game again in her new Folklore one – it might be impractical but with that cleavage it’s pretty fucking hot. I would like to see how the back looks since thats pretty much the only view you get when playing as that character. If it’s not as “fun” as the front I’ll probably just end up using Chris, Mad Max style, so I can ogle Sheva in between battles.

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  1. Lesli Ken says:

    Aint it the truth, I truley share the same views as the author and could not agree more.

  2. Kudos from one brainiac to another. 🙂