PS3/Vita Cross-Play Coming To Dragon’s Crown

PS3/Vita Cross-Play Coming To Dragon's Crown

You asked for it and Vanillaware listened, Cross-Play is coming to Dragon’s Crown very soon.

For those of you that don’t know, this means that PlayStation 3 owners and Vita owners can team-up and play this beautiful side-scroller together at the same time. The update is out in Japan right now and will be coming to North America very soon.

Saddly, there’s still no Cross-Buy so you still have to purchase separate copies for you PS3 and Vita. Still, this is great news for fans of Dragon’s Crown and should give the game some added life.

Read Vanillaware’s official press release after the jump.

Since launch, we’ve been hearing from our fans how much they wanted Cross-Play in Dragon’s Crown. Vanillaware was focused on delivering the best game possible, sorry we couldn’t include it at launch, but we’ve been supporting the title ever since! Now, we’re stoked to tell you that Cross-Play is on its way to North America, and the update will be arriving very soon.

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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6 Responses to “PS3/Vita Cross-Play Coming To Dragon’s Crown”

  1. Bloodfart says:

    I don’t wanna burn bridges here, but seriously, this game was a huge disappointment for me. The online is just embarrassing. You have to put in 8-7 hours per character to even access the online component. Then when you finally get to it, it’s just an abortion. No chat, no private parties, no way to invite your friends, and when you hop back to town, your party is disbanded. I’ve had better online experiences on the Dreamcast! All those things I just mentioned were available on PSO.

    Sorry, had to vent, as no one seems to acknowledge just how bad this game is online. And it’s a shame to me, cause, this game was my most anticipated game this year. I’ve logged 40 hours on it. But I cannot take it online. I’ve had to use skype, and xboxlive to chat with my buddies while playing this game. And it’s a co-op game, those are the games I enjoy most when playing with buddies, and shootin’ the shit. Randomly joining people and stompin’ enemies, with no chat, honestly it’s no different then bringing bots along to do the job. To further drive this rather long nail in, you can back to town, and have a private joint with your buddies, if you all happen to be on the same couch.

    Again sorry, just had to be said. The game is gorgeous, the women are sexy as hell (all of them from the shop keeper to those gals walkin’ through town). But yeah, if I wanna play with my buds (online), guess I’ll have to fire up the D&D chronicles of mystara instead.

    More on point with the article though, crossplay sounds nifty… just do a us a big one and fix the online, from the bottom up.

  2. Geist01 says:

    @Bloodfart – Thanks for the heads up, seriously. That sucks and you’re right, no one is really talking about those problems. This game is on the top of my to-play list and even though I probably won’t play it online too much I do have a friend in DC that I would like to co-op it with. I do have faith that Vanillaware will work on fixing them though. They seem to be committed to the game.

  3. yaz says:

    this game is in my to play list also…even if it does make my backlog even bigger lol…i really do hope that they fix the online problems that it has…it will suck if i cant play with my good friend also…

  4. Geist01 says:

    @yaz – Hopefully it’ll be fixed before it pops up for free on PS+ (though it should be noted that it’s $10 cheaper this week on PSN)

  5. Noah says:

    Well that’s bologna. I really want to play it, but if I do I’ll probably get it when my buddy FINALLY makes his triumphant return from Florida and we can couch potato the shit out of this game.

  6. Bloodfart says:

    There is goodness in the game. It’s a VanillaWare game after all. But there also a grind. Which kinda brings a slight imbalance, the final boss is fuck tons harder then anything else in the game.

    But yeah, given that most of you have waited, by the time you do get your hands on it, it’ll be cheaper, and they will have a lot more things fixed.

    And you’re right Geist they are committed to it, as they have been rolling out a lot of fixes.