Pre-Order Yaya Han’s 2014 Cosplay Calendar

Pre-Order Yaya Han's 2014 Cosplay Calendar

If there’s two things we love at NSFW Gamer, it’s hot cosplayers and promoting other people’s projects (see our promo for Shade’s Sinsationals comic here), and getting to combine the two is enough to make our pants explode with happiness.

And with Yaya Han no doubt on her way to even greater popularity due to being a contestant on Heroes of Cosplay, I figure there’s no better time to tell the world about her beautiful new cosplay calendar. For a mere $25, you will get a signed, personalized 11×24 glossy calendar with 10 all-new exclusive photos of this drop-dead gorgeous beauty cosplaying the likes of Power Girl, Psylocke, and, as you can see from the cover image, Jessica Rabbit.

With free shipping to the US and Canada, what’s not to love? Hell, even international shipping is only a flat $10. You’ve only got a scant few months left before the shipping date, so make room in your wallet and on your wall for this lady to brighten up your day, every day!

– Brad Cowan aka “DevilSugar”

Click here to pre-order Yaya Han’s 2014 cosplay calendar

Pre-Order Yaya Han's 2014 Cosplay Calendar

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