PearlDymes Needs Your Help On Offbeatr

PearlDymes Needs Your Help On Offbeatr

What happens when you combine Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and hentai? You get PearlDymes, a hentai breeding RPG game.

Seems pretty awesome to me. I’m surprised it’s taken someone this long to come up with something like this.

If PearlDymes sounds like a game you would be interested in playing then swing on by Offbeatr and help Studio Pantisniff get the project off the ground. Right now it needs about 600 votes to be eligible for crowdfunding on the site.

You can read a full description of the project and check out some pics after the jump.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

In the PearlDymes universe people can summon a female create called Dyme from special pearls. There are multiple pearl types and each of them has its own type of Dyme. Pearls can be combined to create a mix breed.

The story of PearlDymes starts off with you, the player, obtaining your first pearl as a gift for graduating from the Trainers Univeristy Gronin. You must raise your Dyme and train her so you can use her for battles and adventures. You decide what your goals are. Want to become a master breeder? Then collect all the different pearl types, including the mixed pearls and the very rare legendary pearls. Want to become the pearl champion? Then train your Dymes hard, win tournaments and defeat the pearl elites.

PearlDymess contains multiple types of gameplay elements. The story progression is mostly linear, but in some occasions you will have to make a choice which can alter the outcome. The story will be told in dialogs and cut scenes. The breeding and raising part of the game can be compared to a hentai tamagotchi. Battles are turn based and the attacks will be fully animated sex moves. The adventure part of the game is a topdown tactical rpg game. There are multiple areas to explore and each area has its own enemies and secrets.

Note : This summary contains gameplay elements which will be available once their stretch goal is met.

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3 Responses to “PearlDymes Needs Your Help On Offbeatr”

  1. Korgan says:

    voted… only at 21, so far. :/

  2. DocterMoo says:

    Awesome stuff …also voted!

  3. manik2k says:

    Isn’t there something similar, out there, for PC?