Hot babes killing monsters in The Grinder

The Grinder comes to PS3 and XBox 360

High Voltage Software, the folks that brought us one of the best Wii FPS – The Conduit, are hitting all three consoles with their next big game. You read right, The Grinder is no longer a Wii exclusive! That’s the good news. The bad news is it doesn’t come out until Halloween 2011.

Dante’s Inferno demo – Just like God of War, tits and all

Dante's Inferno Demo Nude Uncensored

I finally got around to playing the Dante’s Inferno demo today after downloading it a week ago. Even though I knew the game had nudity in it for some reason I just couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to play it. Now I know why.

Gamergasm – My unhealthy obsession with Frost

Mortal Kombat Frost

Ever since Frost made her video game debut in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance I have wanted to stick my penis in her. Those that know me can attest to this unhealthy obsession for a woman that would, if existed in the real world, freeze my wang off. In order to understand my obsession I have to start at the beginning.

King of Fighters Vanessa gets her top knocked off

King of Fighters Vanessa PVC Statue

Vanessa from the King of Fighters series gets her own PVC statue from A-Label and it’s fucking hot! I would have expected to see them do one based on Mai Shiranui, as she is arguably one of the bustiest video game characters of all time, but I do like that they decided to do a lesser known fighter instead. Oh, did I mention you can take her shirt off?

Team Ninja to make the next Metroid game

Team Ninja to make Metroid: Other M

Team Ninja, best known for the bouncing boobs in Dead or Alive and the bouncing boobs in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, are tackling the Metroid universe with Metroid: The Other M. If their track record is any indication we can expect to see Samus Aran’s breasteses bouncing every which way whilst she fights the titular enemies.

The hottest tits in video games gets the Gold

Excella in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

Holy shit my prayers to the Tit Gods were answered! Capcom announced that Excella will be a playable character in the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition’s Mercenaries Reunion mode. Drool…

Bayonetta for PS3 gets patched in Japan

Bayonetta Patch

When Bayonetta was released it received rave reviews from the gaming community…for the XBox360. The PS3 version was marred with horrible load times and some graphical glitches. Well it seems like Sega has addressed at least one of the problems.

Bouncing tits in the palm of your hand

Dead or Alive Paradise for Sony PSP

Soon you’ll be able to experience all the wonderfully buoyant women of the Dead or Alive universe in the palm of your hand with Dead or Alive Paradise for Sony PSP. Before you start fantasizing about how you are going to pull off all those combo moves on the PSP know this – It’s not a fighting game!

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – Now with more T&A

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Sheva

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is slated to hit PS3 and XBox 360 in March of 2010. If you already own the main game then you can just download the new costumes and features instead of shelling out another $60. The DLC will be available for PS3 and XBox 360 a week before the Gold Edition will be on store shelves.

Hands on with the Bayonetta Demo

Bayonetta topless

I just downloaded the Bayonetta demo for the PS3 and let me tell you – It’s all kinds of awesome!

From the start you can either check out the tutorial, where you get to learn Bayonetta’s moves, or play through a short level of the game titled “The Angel’s Metropolis”. I started with the tutorial to get a feel for how she handled. If you have any experience with Devil May Cry you won’t have a problem picking up and playing Bayonetta with relative ease.