NSFW Catfight! Chun-Li VS Cammy

NSFW Catfight!: Chun-Li VS Cammy

Welcome to another edition of NSFW Catfight! where you pick the winner based purely on hotness. This week we are going back in time and asking the age old question – Who’s hotter, Chun-Li or Cammy? Fight!

STD awareness has never been this much fun

Adventures In Sex City

Let me start by saying that Adventures In Sex City – The Game is completely real and not some twisted figment of my imagination. STD awareness has never been this much fun…or gross. Thanks Middlesex-London Health Unit!

Joanna Angel on G4TV’s Valentine’s Day Special

Joanna Angel on G4TV's Valentine's Day Special

Set your DVRs because Joanna Angel, alt-porn girl superstar and CEO of Burning Angel, will be featured on G4TV’s Valentine’s Day Special Episode today. Gamers and porn aficionados will not want to miss this.

Dead Rising 2 features a sex shop. Gross? No.

Dead Rising 2

Word on the street is there will be a sex shop you can raid for weapons in Dead Rising 2. Once I heard this the first thing I though is “will there be zombie boobs?” Inquiring minds want to know!

Rebecca Chambers announced for RE5: Gold Edition

Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

The last two playable characters in the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition’s Mercenaries Reunion mode have been announced – Berry Burton and Rebecca Chambers. I didn’t see that coming!

DOA’s Kasumi looks great in PVC

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Kasumi Kotobukiya Statue

Who doesn’t love the beautiful women of Tecmo’s Dead or Alive games? I guess zombies don’t but us living breathing gamer dudes do. Now you can love all over Kasumi in 3D thanks to the talented artists at Kotobukiya.

Bioshock 2’s Big Sister might be a hotty

Bioshock 2 Big Sister NSFW Gamer

If your ideal woman is strong, nimble, doesn’t talk much, and is able to withstand the crushing depths of the oceanic abyss than I have just the chick for you. Bioshock 2’s Big Sister! Just make sure you stock up on plasmids before you go on your first date… and by “plasmids” I mean “condoms”…… and by “condoms” I mean “don’t fucking do it man!”

New Heavy Rain video features nudity and peeing

Heavy Rain video for PS3 features nudity

For some reason I can’t stop calling Heavy Rain “Chubby Rain” instead. It’s become so bad that I have to actually think to call it by the correct name. Well it seems my little joke actually has some merit as this video proves.

New Dead or Alive Paradise screen shots to ogle

Dead or Alive Paradise PSP pics

I can’t wait for the summer. It’s when all the lovely ladies go to the beach wearing their tiny swimming suits and play volleyball in the sand. Of course I will be at home playing Dead or Alive Paradise on the PSP and taking “creepy” pictures with the camera mode. The real world is for chumps!

NSFW Catfight! Sheva Alomar VS Jill Valentine

NSFW Catfight! Sheva Alomar vs Jill Valentine

This is the first installment of NSFW Catfight! where you decide the victor based on who you think is hotter. For our first round, and since I am getting excited about the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, we have Sheva Alomar VS Jill Valentine. Fight!