Witchblade Masane Amaha Cool White Bikini Version Statue

Witchblade Masane Amaha White Bikini Version Statue

If you are in need of a new sexy anime statue for your home or office might I recommend the Witchblade Masane Amaha Cool White Bikini Version Statue? Just make sure you hide it from your wife or boss cause this baby has some HUGE knockers and a well sculpted cameltoe!

NSFW Catfight! Tifa VS Aerith

NSFW Catfight! Tifa VS Aerith

With Final Fantasy XIII finally out I figured it was a good time to look back at the now classic FF VII and see who is hotter. Tifa Lockheart or Aerith Gainsborough?

Download the Japanese DOA Paradise Demo Today

Dead or Alive Paradise Japanese Demo

If you are one of those people that just can’t wait for Dead or Alive Paradise on the PSP (all two of you – including me) I have good news. You can download the Japanese demo today!

DoA Secret Paradise helps you keep your virginity

Dead or Alive Paradise Secret Paradise Box Set

I guess it’s no surprise that Tecmo would put out a special collectors box set for Dead or Alive Paradise on the PSP called Secret Paradise. Everyone knows that their main demographic, nerdy perverted games like me, have money to burn because they sure as hell aren’t spending it on real women.

Diablo 3 female character designs could be hotter

Diablo 3 female character designs featured

Back in the PS2 day my cousin was watching me play Champions of Norrath Return to Arms and asked me, “Why are you playing as a female character?” My response was, “Because she has big boobs.” Awesome character designs can sometimes set a game apart from the crowd  so it hurts my penis to see such average looking character classes in Diablo 3. I need bigger boobs man!

Sony Playstation = Catastrophic Errors [UPDATE]

Playstation Error

Like a lot of people yesterday I tried to login to the Playstation Network to play some Modern Warfare 2 and received an error message. I thought it was my internet connection and moved on to play some God of War 2 offline. Little did I know that the sky was falling.

Sony explanation and updates after the jump.

The Juri Resin Statue has nice underboobs

Super Street Fighter IV Juri

Super Street Fighter IV is just around the corner and I for one can’t wait to play it. There is one fighter in particular that has me a little turned on – Juri. Judging solely on her design I’d say Juri has the potential to be a fan favorite and this new statue of her certainly isn’t going to hurt that prospect.

Pics of the Juri resin statue after the jump.

Nina Williams looks hot in the new Tekken movie

Nina from the new live action Tekken movie

The live action Tekken movie is looking like it might do the series justice… at least in the costume department. Nina and Anna Williams look very much like their video game counterparts but is that a good thing?

Kratos goes balls deep in a goddess

God of War 3 sex mini-game

God of War just wouldn’t be the same without gallons of blood, nudity and a sex mini-game. Luckily the developers know this and have kept the tradition alive in God of War 3. This time Kratos shows a goddess how us mortals do the nasty. ESRB description of the mini-game after the jump.

Video game censorship is an ongoing political battle

Video Game Censorship

A battle for our nerdy souls and 1st Amaendment rights is being waged by those who want to censor the video games we play. Ken Doroshow, VP of the Entertainment Software Association and the guy fighting for us gamers, gives his thoughts on the topic at the DICE Summit 2010 in Vegas.