New Heavy Rain video features nudity and peeing

Heavy Rain video for PS3 features nudity

For some reason I can’t stop calling Heavy Rain “Chubby Rain” instead. It’s become so bad that I have to actually think to call it by the correct name. Well it seems my little joke actually has some merit as this video proves.

Apparently a French website got their hands on a 6 min video of Heavy Rain featuring Madison Paige taking a shower and peeing. Oh, she also fights off some masked intruders but who really cares about that when there is awesome in-game nudity? I did note that she didn’t wipe or wash her hands after using the bathroom though. Is it wrong that I fixated on that for the rest of the video? Damn my germaphobia!

Heavy Rain nudity uncensored

I wasn’t terribly excited about Heavy Rain until now. I had played Indigo Prophecy, which I enjoyed to a certain extent, but for some reason this game kept falling under my radar. Maybe because I am too jazzed for God of War 3 but damn, all that has changed. The whole fight sequence is extremely tense and looks to play out like an interactive movie, where you press buttons or move the analog stick within a certain allotted time, and the lighting effects are absolutely amazing.

Chubby Rain is officially on my radar now! Check out the full video HERE

Thanks to my girlfriend for sending me this link from The Escapist.

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