Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season II Koming Soon

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 Coming Soon

“It has begun!”

Finally we have word on when the second season of the Mortal Kombat series is going to hit the interwebs, and it’s a lot sooner than you think!

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season II will be premiering on September 26th. I can’t fucking wait! I absolutely loved season one (flaws and all) and I can’t wait to see what they do with season two, especially since it’s going to actually feature the tournament this time.

Watch the trailer after the jump and get ready for kombat!

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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2 Responses to “Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season II Koming Soon”

  1. DevilSugar says:

    OHHHH HELL YES! I think I might have to watch both movies again based on this news alone!

  2. yaz says:

    yay!!! im so excited for this one especially since they have kenshi this time around <3