Mirror’s Edge Reboot Going Open-World

Mirror's Edge Reboot Going Open-World

Fans of the cult classic, Mirror’s Edge, will be pleased to hear that it’s going to be rebooted on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Electronic Arts labels boss Frank Gibeau has announced that this time around Faith, the game’s protagonist, is going to be let loose in an open world. “We’re bringing Faith back in this open-world action adventure game,” Gibeau told his investors in a recent meeting. The game is still in the early stages of development, but just like in most reboots, this will feature an all-new origin story for Faith. This will only be for next-gen consoles and will eventually be released as Mr. Gibeau said “when it’s ready.”

Announcing a new origin story should excite gamers because with the original game’s revolutionary parkour gameplay, the story is usually the one dull spot in an otherwise critically acclaimed title. The only other criticism I’ve heard is that the game is too short. If you’ve ever played the first Mirror’s Edge, you know the game revolves around Faith running, crawling through vents, jumping, vaulting, wall-running, and generally ninja-ing her way around a city following the objects that are marked red to get to the goal. In a first-person view, she tries to escape government surveillance/officals in a dystopian future to make quick and efficient deliveries of packages. With recent events in the news, maybe this one can be set in the present.

A unique and original concept in the gaming world is always welcomed in the sea of FPS’s and yearly installments of every professional sport known to man. I really enjoyed the first game and can’t wait for more information regarding this one up until it’s eventual release. I’m not normally a fan of the constant reboots in movies and games, but I’ll be willing to give this one a chance. Check out the official reveal trailer below! The visuals look amazing…

– David Chaney

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