Mass Effect 3 – Tali Finally Exposed?!

Mass Effect 3 Tali

Mass Effect 3 is on the verge of release. Sheppard will return to save the universe once more with his personal army of sexy humanoid women.

With all the lovely ladies that Commander Sheppard runs around with I sometimes think “Ass Effect” would be a more appropriate name for the series. Out of all of Sheppard’s potential sexual prospects, Tali’ Zorah nar Rayya has always stood out to me for no other reason than the mystery of what her bio-suit hides.

Mass Effect 3 Tali nude by Evulchibi

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Her form alone gives the impression of her sexy, yet delicate body, concealed from view by her outfit. As a potential romance option in Mass Effect 2 it’s clear that her biology must be close enough to humans for the Commander to be able to have his way with her. Tali’s skin-tight outfit, pale complexion, and gypsy inspired accent makes her the ideal woman for futuristic goth lovers. Perhaps the true purpose of the Quarian bio-suits are to protect the galaxy from how sexy they really are.

BioWare has teased fans with the prospect of showing Tali without her mask in Mass Effect 3. This week will be the potential big reveal, but is it too much to hope for a little more skin than just her face. How about a steamy hot shower scene between Tali and FemShep, made possible by BioWare’s decision to include same-sex romances in the new release!

– KamikazeQ

Picture courtesy of Evulchibi

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