Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC

June 26 currently stands as the day Bioware will try and redeem itself in the eyes of Mass Effect fans everywhere with the release of the extended cut DLC for Mass Effect 3.

Bioware promises the DLC will give more insight into the surviving characters and how the overall experience affected them, but that the DLC does not change the outcome of the story.

When Mass Effect 3 was released earlier this year, dedicated fans were appalled at how the ending just seemed…rather lame. This is a series based around choices the player makes and encourages you to import saves for the sole purposes of maintaining your choices, yet it all seemed to be worthless during the final curtain call. But does Bioware really owe the fans an explanation or did we just have lofty dreams and expectations?

To me I find it funny that Mass Effect fans called for Bioware to do the exact same thing that Star Wars fan hate, changing the particulars of how a tale is told. Like it or not Mass Effect 3 was a story told in a way Bioware wanted, the vagueness of the ending was done to allow fans to draw their own conclusions on how the characters were affected. As a role playing game, Mass Effect 3 tried to encourage gamers to imagine in their own way what the fallout from the adventure was.

As games seem to cross that line into fully interactive media, I fear that we will see more of this type of practice. When I was a kid no one complained at the ending of game, just the fact that the game ended. The Mario game series is a perfect example. When you completed Mario 64 you got a congrats scene with a cake baked by the princess as a thank you, but the gameplay had been your true reward. I’m now half expecting Nintendo to announce an update to Mario 64 with video of Peach baking the cake in response to fan complaints.

I’m fully expecting that next week the new internet rage will be how the epilogues don’t fit the opinions of what the fans wanted to happen. Of course Bioware may pull out the big guns and come up with epilogues that completely blow the socks off of us. We’ll find out on all platforms on June 26 when their respective marketplaces update.

– KamikazeQ

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