Marvel vs DC Babes by Paulo Barrios

Marvel vs DC by Paulo Barrios

I know I just posted a piece by Paulo Barrios on the site yesterday, but did you really think I’d pass on featuring this epic crossover because of something like that? In the immortal words of Lana Kane: Nooooooooooope!

First of all, let’s see who we have here. From left to right on the top row there’s Zatanna, Black Canary, Polaris, Rogue, and Psylocke. On the bottom row we have Blink, Black Cat, and Power Girl. I’m kinda surprised Paulo Barrios didn’t include Wonder Woman, but I’m certainly not gonna complain. I think this painting is absolutely amazing and I hope you guys do too.

Don’t forget to follow Paulo Barrios on Hentai Foundry and DeviantArt if you like what you see below. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but to each their own lol

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01 ~ Bio

Art by Paulo Barrios ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt

Marvel and DC Hentai at

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