Mario Marathon 6 for Child’s Play Charity

Mario Marathon 6 for Child's Play Charity

The only thing I love more than writing about video games, NSFW or not, is playing them.

If it were feasible, I would drop what I am doing and fly out to Indiana to join the wonderful crew that is performing the sixth annual Mario Marathon for Child’s Play Charity.

For the past five years, these guys have taken time out of their schedule to organize this event that has collectively raised nearly $350,000 for Child’s Play, a non-profit that gives toys as well as video games and consoles to hospitals and sick children. During the event, you will see grown men go crazy from sleep deprivation, watch a big man named Jed with an afro play guitar and possibly win prizes from raffles and contests.

You can follow them and join in the conversation with the Twitter account @Mariomarathon, go to the website and most importantly, donate to the charity through Paypal. Obviously, our site is as NSFW as you can get, but keep it clean if you start chatting; remember, it’s for the children!

Watch live video from mariomarathon on

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