Mad Max Game Announced

Mad Max Game Announced

Avalanche Studios, creators of the Just Cause series, showed off a short but very sweet teaser trailer for the upcoming Mad Max video game at Sony’s E3 press conference today.

While I was hoping to see a Boba Fett game announced by EA, this is quite possibly the next best thing. As a kid I idolized three characters – Boba Fett, Dwayne Hicks (from Aliens), and Max Rockatansky (better known as Mad Max) – so needless to say I kinda jizzed in my pants a bit when I saw Max’s Interceptor roll up. I’ve always wanted a good Mad Max game, hopefully this will be the one.

Check out the official Mad Max E3 trailer after the jump.

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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